CYBERLFOW Accelerator

INVENT develops, produces and globally sells innovative machinery for plants for the treatment of water and wastewater. The CYBERFLOW®- Flow Accelerator complements the product portfolio as a horizontal mixer. It was developed specifically for the energy-efficient generation of a horizontal flow and was optimized according to fluid mechanical aspects. Compared to traditional flow generators an increase of up to 30% in efficiency can be achieved as a result of a revolutionary overall concept.

The most important fluid mechanical optimization is the reversal of the flow direction. Any well-known flow accelerator produces a flow heavy with twist towards the power unit leading to great losses in efficiency of the entire machine. The flow towards the INVENT CYBERFLOW®-Flow Accelerator, however, happens freely and without interruption and can achieve higher flow velocities at a lower energy consumption. This reclamation of energy is complemented by an adapted stand design and a specifically developed „anti-vortex“ fin on top of the power unit. A rectified flow is achieved and efficiency-reducing vortexes are avoided. Another revolutionary approach is the INVENT Power Trim Technology. It is characterized by a slightly angled drive shaft. Compared to traditional, exactly horizontally aligned drive shafts, this allows for considerably reduced friction and energy losses on the tank’s floor and an improvement in efficiency of up to 10%. In addition an unnecessarily high flow resistance is eliminated due to the intelligent design of all components. INVENT has installed more than 50 machines in 7 different countries around the globe in the past 2 years. With the help of a simulation potential customers can have all of CYBERFLOW®s applications numerically examined and optimally dimensioned.