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Water is the origin and source of all life.
The supply of high-quality water and the treatment of wastewater is one of the most important goals of our time.

INVENT Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik AG develops, produces and distributes innovative mechanical equipment, process technology and plants for the treatment of water and wastewater.

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INVENT at the IFAT in Munich

At this year´s IFAT in Munich INVENT has again presented its competences as a global player in the water and wastewater treatment by hosting a giant booth attracting hundreds of visitors from all around the world. Our displayed product portfolio in large and small scale streched the whole range of biological water and wastewater treatment, from air supply to innovative stirring and mixing systems on to efficient aeration technology and an appropriate control system of the same. Our newly launched products iFILT®-Diamond Filter, HYPERMIX®-Agitator as well as the CYBERSLUDGE®-Mixer met with great interest. We would like to thank all our visitors for the interest shown towards INVENT and our products and for inspiring conversations!

Product innovations for mixing systems

INVENT is going to present two product novelties in the field of industrial mixing at IFAT. The INVENT CYBERSLUDGE® is a mixing system that features a fluid mechanically optimized design and was designed for the mixing of the waste sludge in the digester. The INVENT iBC-MIX® is designed for the continuous operation in steel caged IBC, tote, or pallet tanks and liquids of different composition, viscosity, and rheology. Read more.

INVENT iFILT®, compact stainless-steel diamond filter – high-tech for tertiary wastewater treatment

INVENT made use of their long-standing experience in the sector of water and wastewater treatment as well as their expertise in the fields of fluid mechanics, hydraulics and component design to develop the iFILT®-diamond filter. The newly developed and fluid-mechanically optimized iFILT®-diamond filter meets all demands on continuative treatment steps in communal and industrial water treatment. INVENT therefore makes sure that tertiary treatment steps can be realized in a more economic and large-scale way. Read the press release here.

INVENT certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

For fulfillment of the highest quality standards INVENT received the certificate according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. "With this certification, we underline the high priority that customer orientation and product quality always have had for us," emphasizes Dr.-Ing. Marcus Höfken, President and CEO. Especially in international mechanical and plant engineering the certification is important, as it stands for quality and efficiency. Press release

Hyperboloid Mixers with submersed drive

Complementary to the HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixers with top mounted drive and shaft INVENT offers the submersed driven version. The HYPERDIVE®-Mixers feature the same excellent mixing characteristics and advantages as the top mounted version and can be applied in cases where bridges cannot be realized or submersed driven solutions are preferred. Applications and references

We donate to The Ocean Cleanup

With great commitment and passion, we work daily on the purification and treatment of water and wastewater. In 2017, INVENT again donates to The Ocean Cleanup. The initiative develops advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. Read more 


Coagulation and flocculation in the Helsinki drinking water treatment plant

The raw water for Finland’s capital Helsinki is pumped from Lake Päijänne, located approximately 120 km away, via a tunnel to two water treatment plants. This secures sufficient drinking water of excellent quality for around one million people. In the drinking water treatment plant in Vanhakaupunki 18 HYPERCLASSIC® Evolution7 mixers and three CYBERPITCH® mixers made by INVENT have been in operation since July 2017. Read full press release 

Beverage industry - water technology according to purity law

Plants that clean wastewater, for example in beer or mineral water production, are among the specialties of INVENT. The legal requirements vary by country and location. "If a brewery is located in the middle of the city, it can often direct its wastewater directly into the municipal sewage system," explains Dr.-Ing. Marcus Höfken, Chair of the Board at INVENT and Chair of the VDMA Water and Wastewater Technology Group. "The brewery must then follow the rules for an indirect discharger, which means that it drains water into the sewage system and must be able to store the wastewater temporarily." Read more  

Wastewater treatment in breweries – INVENT’s process engineering solutions

Wastewater coming from breweries is biologically and chemically heavily contaminated, the most important parameters being the biochemical oxygen requirement and sulfides that, when inadequately areated, can lead to olfactory problems (hydrogen sulfide). The federal government’s central wastewater processing agency stipulates strict maximum permissible values for the direct discharge of a brewery’s wastewater. Indirect discharge facilities are subject of different permissible values, varying partly depending on the specific communities. In any case, compliance with the permissible values is highly relevant for wastewater treatment plant operatorsin the vicinity of a brewery. Read press release 


INVENT is a project partner in the BMBF project to remove microplastics from the water cycle

Under the direction of the TU Berlin, special department of Urban Water Management the Federal Department of Education and Research is funding the two-year research association project „OEMP - Optimized materials and procedures to remove microplastics from the water cycle“. INVENT is a project partner in the research association. Press release 

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