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In the purification of water and wastewater more and more process-technology steps for cleaning and purification are coming into use, which combine to form a complete installation. Processing can be divided into physical, physical/chemical and biological treatment. The biological phase represents the heart of the process. In this phase, carbon and nitrogen compounds are biologically broken down. The basis of this process is effective mixing and the efficient addition of oxygen, so that the biologically active bacteria can work effectively.

INVENT has specialised in exactly this area, and its innovative products make it one of the world’s leading concerns in the field of mixing and aeration technology for water and wastewater treatment.

INVENT products 

HYPERCLASSIC Mixer/Aerator: Provides efficient oxygen transfer and optimal mixing during the biological stage. > References

E-FLEX: Diffusers are used as modular components in an aeration system.
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iCBA: Provides oxygen supply and optimal mixing during the biological phase, in particular for use in processes that use carrier media for biomass detention.  
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TEX-FLEX: Its robust stainless steel construction and its textile membrane, which is both chemically and thermally highly resistant, make it ideal for the most aggressive applications. > References

E-FLEX FLOAT: Mainly used for aerated wastewater ponds or lagoon tanks with plastic liner, earthen basins with natural sealing, natural ponds and lakes and all aerated tanks. > References

iDISC: Supplies the mixed liquor in the activated sludge tank with oxygen and is suitable for almost all variations of the activated sludge process. > References

ALPHAMETER: Combines control and monitoring liquid phase and gas phase to produce real time measurement of key parameters for process and aeration control including. > References

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