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Water and wastewater treatment plants are usually created as a made-to-measure design and lay-out for a particular project. Depending on the original situation and the intended treatment, various process engineering steps are combined so that the aim of the process engineering is safely within reach. While doing so, the engineer draws from a range of known unit processes. The most important processes from this range are stirring and mixing processes. They play a decisive role in nearly all water and wastewater treatment plants.

Below you will find some examples for important applications of mixing technology in water and wastewater treatment plants: 

Application Mixing task
Mixing and equalization tank Suspension and Homogenization    
Neutralization Flash-Mixing
Pre-Mixing of Precipitants Flash-Mixing
Precipitation Suspension and Homogenization
Coagulation Suspension and Homogenization
Biological phosphate elimination Suspension and Homogenization
Denitrification Suspension and Homogenization
BOD or COD removal Homogenization and Dispersion
Disinfection Flash-Mixing
Sludge treatment Suspension and Homogenization
Storage of chemicals/chemical solution      Suspension

INVENT is able to respond to your specific mixing tasks and offers mixers that are optimized based on the process at hand.

INVENT products 

HYPERCLASSIC Mixer: Vertical mixer with a hyperboloid-shaped mixer body, installed close to the bottom, and a drive mounted in dry position above the water level. Contrary to other products, it was developed and designed especially for applications in the area of water and wastewater treatment. > References 

CYBERFLOW Accelerator: Energy-efficient generation of a horizontal flow in the recirculation basin for biological wastewater treatment. > References 

HYPERPITCH: Mixer add-on takes care about the reliable reduction of scum and floating sludge in anaerobic and anoxic basins. > References 

CYBERPITCH: Flash-Mixer is particularly used for mixing applications where a high local energy intake is required. > References 

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